ALC Students & ALC Kids

Students and kids are equipped to effectively engage their culture.

ALC Kids (through fifth grade) returns to in-person services each Sunday morning beginning September 20. Registration is required each week. ALC Students is now holding its Sunday morning TR3S service three times a month. To keep up with ALC Students and ALC Kids events and content during the coronavirus situation, follow these social media accounts:

ALC Students ... Instagram (@alc.students), Snapchat (@alc.students) and Facebook (ALC Students).

ALC Kids ... Facebook (ALC Kids Ministry) and Instagram (@alckidsministry).

Our Future – Now!

We don’t see our students and children as only tomorrow’s church they are an integral part of today’s church.

That’s why we have age-specific classes and activities for all ages on Sunday mornings, including our popular TR3S student ministry experience for grades 6-12 on first and third Sunday mornings of each month.

ALC Kids (grades 1-5) and ALC Kids Jr. (babies through kindergarten) are faithfully served by adult and youth team members who love sharing Jesus and the Bible while creating a family environment within our children's ministries.