Stories of Abundant Life

People at Abundant Life whose lives have been transformed by God.

Kim Sawyer

August 2019

Five years ago, I was in a hit-and-run accident on my motorcycle. I should have died. My husband, Stefan, and I hadn’t attended church since high school. Stefan was as far from being a Christian as I could imagine. As I lay in my hospital bed, I saw my husband praying. He said there was a reason I didn’t die. After I left the hospital, I wrote about my accident on social media, hoping someone could identify the person who’d hit me. A woman I’d never met read my post, called me and talked with me for an hour. She prayed for me and invited me to her church, Abundant Life. Surprisingly, Stefan agreed to go. I remember sitting in my wheelchair during worship with Stefan standing next to me. He squeezed my hand. I looked up to see tears rolling from his eyes. We’ve attended Abundant Life ever since. My recovery wasn’t easy. I underwent multiple surgeries, spent eight months in a wheelchair and had to learn to walk again. The severe depression, anxiety and pain took much longer to overcome. Physically, my life completely changed. I lost my job because of my injuries. We lost our house and sold many of our possessions. We survived financially because Stefan worked two jobs and because the church helped us. At our rock bottom, Stefan and I determined that instead of focusing on the negative, we would thank God for what we did have and what we believed He would provide. During my recovery, I accomplished a major goal: I earned my real estate license and became a realtor. We love serving our Lord and our church alongside people we’ve grown especially close to. Overcoming the accident was difficult, but God worked through that horrible event to bring us to the wonderful place in our lives we now enjoy. If I could go back to the day of the accident, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am humbled and thankful for every extra day I’m able to breathe.

Listen to this interview with Kim and Stefan as they go deeper into their story and describe how a phone call, a prayer and an invitation from someone they'd never met helped change their lives forever.