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Exploring the points where theology and culture intersect.


* - denotes five most listened-to podcasts

Episode 51: Is Jesus God? Why It Matters

Episode 50: Resetting the Church

Episode 49: Unintended Consequences

Episode 48: Is Life Sacred?

Episode 47: Christianity in America and Persecution

Episode 46: Cancel Culture, Protesting and Church Attendance

Episode 45: Protests, Looting, Racism and Reconciliation

Episode 44: Paul's Culture and Women Praying at City Council

Episode 43: Christians and Conspiracy Theories

Episode 42: Prejudice, Righteousness and Justice

Episode 41: Hangin' with the Kennedys

*Episode 40: Coronavirus Talk with Dr. Rachel Kennedy

Episode 39: That'll Preach!

Episode 38: Interview with a Missionary

Episode 37: Interview of Missionary Couple

Episode 36: Church: It Does the Body Good

Episode 35: Why We Suffer

Episode 34: The Reliability of Scripture

Episode 33: Calling: It's for Everyone!

Episode 32: Football Extravaganza

Episode 31: Christians and Gun Talk

Episode 30: Our Witness and Partisan Politics

Episode 29: Is Preaching Outdated?

Episode 28: The Crisis of False Teaching in Evangelicalism, Part 2

*Episode 27: The Crisis of False Teaching in Evangelicalism, Part 1

Episode 26: "Dear Jason, David and Case" (content for mature audiences)

Episode 25: Abortion and the Gospel

Episode 24: Socialism and the Gospel, Part 2

Episode 23: Socialism and the Gospel, Part 1

Episode 22: Why Do You Need to Grow Spiritually?

Episode 21: Building Community in a Disconnected Culture

Episode 20: Why Missions?

Episode 19: Doubts in Faith. Can We? Should We?

Episode 18: The Covington Kids and Using Social Media Responsibly (Guest: Case Hubbart)

*Episode 17: New York's Reproductive Health Act

Episode 16: Bringing Clarity to End Times

Episode 15: Pastor Jason's Favorites

Episode 14: Deconstruction of Manhood, Part 2 (Guest: Kris Hogan)

*Episode 13: Deconstruction of Manhood, Part 1 (Guest: Kris Hogan)

Episode 12: Kavanaugh, Politics and the Church

Episode 11: How to Discern Truth

*Episode 10: Whats and Whys of Worldview (Guest: Brandon Smeltzer)

Episode 9: "Theybies?"

Episode 8: Preparing Your Kids for College, Part 2 (Guest: Andrew Youngblood)

Episode 7: Preparing Your Kids for College, Part 1 (Guest: Andrew Youngblood)

Episode 6: Understanding the Old Testament

Episode 4: Divorce and Remarriage

Episode 3: Dangers of the Prosperity Gospel

Episode 2: How Should We Respond?

Episode 1: Changing Culture (Guest: Dr. Garland Owensby)