Submitting tithes and offerings online is safe and convenient.

A Generous Church

The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:24 that we cannot serve both God and money. Our giving of tithes and offerings demonstrates our recognition that all we possess is because God has first given to us.

Tithes – by definition, “tenth” – is the first 10 percent of one’s income. Our church is filled with people who can attest to how God provides for those who are obedient to Him in their giving.

Beyond obedient, we desire to be a generous church through our offerings. We commit at least 10 percent of the church’s operational budget to further God’s work and impact lives locally, nationally and internationally.

Our giving helps support more than 30 missionaries plus church plants and a variety of faith-based projects.

Abundant Life is a non-profit entity, and all funds donated are tax deductible.